Designated Downtown & Historic District Boundaries

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Sign Guidance

New Business in the Downtown? Thinking about updating your sign?

Businesses in the Downtown can receive partial reimbursement for sign designs that conform to the PDRC Sign Guidance document!

These guidelines were put together as encouragement for those business owners who want to use their business signage to enhance the primary design elements or unique architectural features of their building.

To encourage the use of professional sign makers, PDRC will provide business financial support equal to 20 to 25% of the cost of a professionally designed sign up to a maximum of $500.

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Streetscape Improvement Plan

As a photocopy, this document is large and should be downloaded in parts. Click here to view.

Between 2001 and 2002, members of the community, then the “Downtown Redevelopment Committee,” partnered with the VT Department of Development and Community Affairs, engineers and planners from Guertin-Elkerton Associates and landscape architects from the Office of Robert A. White, ASLA, to conduct a detailed assessment and generate goals and objectives for Main Street and Downtown Improvements in Poultney.

Funded by a Vermont Municipal Planning Grant, the study analyzed current conditions, provided for numerous community meetings to solicit public input, and concluded with a Final Report teeming with photographs, maps, conceptual illustrations and new ideas.

It was this project that kick-started the Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee, and served as our application for Designation to the State.