Designated Downtowns

The Downtown Program works throughout the state to bring resources (tax credits and grants) and training and technical services to help affiliated or “designated” downtown organizations preserve and revitalize historic downtowns and create strong communities.

The program utilizes the Main Street Four Point Approach® approach (outlined below) which is a consensus building program that fosters community pride and encourages the growth of small businesses, employment and income opportunities, tax revenues, property values and general quality of life.

Tax Credits

Federal and state rehabilitation tax credits stimulate private investment, create jobs, restore historic buildings and jump start the revitalization seen in Vermont’s Designated Downtowns and Village Centers. Projects range from small bed and breakfasts and rental apartments to multimillion dollar downtown redevelopments.

Learn how tax credits can revitalize buildings and breathe new life into your community, in a new economic study sponsored by the National Park Service – Catalyst for Change. 

Learn More about available State and Federal Tax Credits, and whether your building is eligible, by visiting the State website.

Transportation Improvement Fund Grants

A distinctive sense of place is one of the most important first impressions a downtown provides to both locals and visitors. But how do we create a more attractive downtown? Or design an environment where people love to gather, shop, live and play?

The design element of the Main Street Four Point Approach® helps our communities and local downtown organizations explore solutions to all of these questions. The Downtown Transportation Fund helps turn ideas into reality.

Learn More about the Transportation Improvement Fund and eligible projects, by visiting the State website.

Downtown Networking Meetings

We’re all in this together! With 24 Designated Downtowns currently in the State of Vermont, we’re in great company!

We meet quarterly to discuss hot topics, legislative updates and innovative solutions.